What is the Independent Repair Coalition?

The Independent Repair Coalition joins like-minded repair and technology companies together to share opportunities and best practices; ultimately leading to a superior customer experience.


Why Be a Part of the Independent Repair Coalition?

There is power in numbers. By being part of a national network, Coalition members will benefit by improving visibility, achieving greater credibility, and overcoming geographical limitations. By uniting together behind a set of core beliefs, the industry will strengthen, ultimately benefiting all of us.

Negativity can detrimentally impact the businesses and technicians that comprise our industries. All members of the Coalition maintain a mutual respect for each other, their competition and other industry businesses. The Coalition understands the members are here to operate their business in an honest and trustworthy manner. We represent an upstanding group that takes a professional approach to the repair and tech related industries.

The Coalition strives to extend opportunities to all of its members. Should an opportunity arise where members can collaborate, it will be presented to the network. These opportunities will provide additional revenue and diversify our businesses.

Who are the Independent Repair Coalition Members?

The Independent Repair Coalition consists of independent repair companies, employees, businesses, and other industry players.

How do I become a member of the Independent Repair Coalition?

To become part of the Independent Repair Coalition, you must be invited to join. Memberships are limited to select businesses who have a proven track record of delivering superior customer service and excellence in their field. You may submit an application, but entrance is not guaranteed.

email chris@repaircoalition.org